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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Open Orthodoxy

In the title "Open Orthodoxy" I use "Open" as a verb, not as an adjective:
  • "to become disclosed or revealed."
  • "to come into view; become more visible or plain."

This blog is focused on ultra-left-wing Orthodox Judaism. Topics include: A-Open Orthodoxy (adjective "Open" Orthodoxy), pluralism, non-normative shul practices, interfaith participation, Orthodox membership on non-Orthodox board of rabbis, "liberal" Divrei Torah, and more!

I hope to provide a centralized resource of documented ultra-left-wing hashkafah and behaviors that push the left-most envelope of Orthodox Judaism. I ask questions. I hope others will provide provide answers...

Question: If "Open" is an adjective, then is "Open Orthodoxy" an oxymoron?