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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Positive Pluralism

There are two types of pluralism of interest to Orthodox Jews: interdenominational (e.g. Reform, Conservative, Orthodox) and interfaith (Christian, Muslim, Jew). An example of interdenominational pluralism is a non/multi-sectarian Jewish Federation. An example of interfaith pluralism is interfaith dialogue with non-Jews. Both of those examples can be positive in the proper context.

Pluralism is one of the first topics I should have written about. However, this topic is already well-documented and well-known, while other issues I have addressed are not. For completeness, I address this topic.

Some expressions of interdenominational and interfaith pluralism are quite controversial. Here are some positive viewpoints and examples of interdenominational and interfaith pluralism (albeit some are controversial):

Jewish interdenominational pluralism
- Pluralism and Jewish Unity - By Rabbi Marc D. Angel
- Pluralism

Interfaith pluralism
First and foremost, Jews must respect non-Jews:
- In The Image Of God
- Respect for others
- We Diminish Ourselves By Denigrating Non-Jews

Practical applications of interfaith pluralism:
- International Fellowship of Christian and Jews
- Noahide Laws
- Sanhedrin Moves to Establish Council For Noahides (note: my point is not whether this sanhedrin is valid or invalid, or this Noahide council is positive or negative, only that the concept of assisting sincere Noahides with Noahide matters is a positive expression of pluralism)
- RCA and OU Join with US Bishops in Calling for Expanded School Choice Options and Support

There are Jewish perspectives that consider faithful Christians to also be Noahides.

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