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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Feeling passionate about...Christ?

Here are comments from Rabbi Darren Kleinberg (YCT class of 2005) about the "Passion of the Christ" movie:
Darren Kleinberg, 27, another Orthodox rabbinical student in New York, said the movie made him feel passionate toward Christians for their having to wrestle with the painful story.

"I wanted to hug everyone in the room," Kleinberg said. "In Judaism, we don't have that kind of weight."
- As Passion Movie Premieres, Debate--and Dialogue--Continue
Do comments like these implicitly denigrate Judaism...especially from someone being portrayed as an "Orthodox rabbinical student"? I don't like the ambiguity that "weight" can either be interpreted as "burden" or "clout".

Is there a point when empathy becomes misguided and compromises the integrity of one's own beliefs?

It is interesting that in the same article, Rabbi Avi Weiss (Dean of YCT) presented a harsher viewpoint:
The Passion "casts Jews as being Jesus-killers," said Rabbi Avi Weiss, veteran activist and president of Amcha-The Coalition for Jewish Concerns. "This lie planted the seeds of the Holocaust."