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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Winding down

My initial intention with this blog was to provide a centralized resource of documented cases of ultra-left-wing Orthodox Judaism, as well as provide some common-sense commentary on those issues. My initial goals are nearly complete. Maintaining a blog takes time and energy. I hope to spend substantially less time on this endeavor and more time learning Torah. I will still try to get in a weekly or bi-weekly post...or possibly as needed.

I was using blog comments as a vehicle for readers to communicate with me. To alleviate confusion, I removed the comments feature on this blog. If a reader wishes to contact me, he or she can do so via the following email address:

For Torah sources that are relevant to issues presented at this blog, I recommend Rabbi Eliyahu Ferrell's blog, Einei HaEdah. I appreciate his chizuk and guest contributions. Aside from myself, he appears to be one of a handful of people who are willing to publicly critique "Open Orthodoxy" related subject matter. Is YU, the OU or the RCA ever going to get involved...