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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What's at stake

I read a comment on a blog that I think sums up what's at stake for YCT:
[The Yated article criticizing YCT] is a pretty big deal, or at least has the potential to be. Legitimacy is socially defined, and a concerted campaign by the Chareidim and countenanced (for their own political/economic/turf reasons) by YU and other MOs will land YCTers and their ilk outside the pale, and pronto. No more davening at their shuls, eating at their homes, edus issues, the whole kit and caboodle. - a comment from Taking each other down a peg
One thing I don't agree with is the commenter's rationale for the alleged YU/MO "campaign" criticizing YCT. I believe most criticism of YCT is well-intentioned and theological in nature.

Is the aforementioned quote merely conjectured hyperbole, or will answers to the following questions illustrate something else?:
What is the RCA policy concerning YCT musmachim? Do all local Orthodox Rabbinical Councils accept YCT musmachim? Do Orthodox synagogue organizations, such as Young Israel have any particular policy concerning YCT musmachim? What is the general relationship of "Open Orthodoxy" to the diverse expressions of Orthodoxy? Is it "open" and friendly, or something else? I have heard others ask these questions, and I wish to know the answers as well.

From an Orthodox communal perspective, this situation may get worse for YCT and its musmachim unless YCT publicly addresses the public credible criticism levied upon it.