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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Alternatives and Replacements

An anonymous commenter stated the following about my post "Is Open Orthodoxy the future of Orthodox Judaism?",
you are grasping at straws-rabbi weiss does not say "open orthodoxy is what the future is about", but rather, "the future is what open orthodoxy is about." he is so clearly talking about having open orthodoxy as an alternative in the jewish world...
The discussion of Open Orthodoxy as an alternative to Modern or Chareidi Orthodoxy is not equivalent to whether you like Coke and I like Pepsi. Sometimes an alternative is a replacement.

A devout Coke drinker may drink Pepsi if he is thirsty and there is no other alternative. I doubt that any Chareidim (and many Modern Orthodox) would ever attend an Open Orthodox shul.

I say tomato, you say tomahto...