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Thursday, October 12, 2006

From the right: Kosher and treif Jewish music

Although I am focused on ultra-left-wing Orthodoxy, occasionally there will be something from the right that MUST be reviewed.

Concerning Jewish music concerts, I find this VERY disturbing:
We encourage instruments that can produce authentic, Jewish sounds, mainly clarinet and violin," Blau said, revealing his own taste or that of the rabbis in whose name he has built up his power in the Haredi community.

What about electric guitars? "Electric guitars are fine as long as the sound isn't loud and strident. The important thing is not to 'Judaize' all sorts of songs from abroad that are, well, unkosher. No rap, no jazz. If there's a singer whose style is authentically Hassidic but there are lapses here and there, we make sure to set his playlist before he comes to perform at an approved event.
Sanctity Guard vets all music at Haredi Sukkot events / Beware of 'some John Lennon with a kippah'
There are Orthodox individuals who believe that Jewish music concerts are a completely inappropriate Jewish event. That's their perspective. However, it's apparent that contemporary music styles are being "banned" at some Jewish concerts. I think it's inferred that those supposedly non-Judaic styles should be completely banned.

Based on the standard presented in the article, MOST of the Jewish music at should be banned -- contemporary a capella, rock, pop, reggae, children's and novelty/parody music like Uncle Moishy, Shlock Rock, Gershon Veroba...

Lipa Schmelczer has a lot of contemporary sounds in his music. I think he's really great, but oh well, ban him too!

I don't think this issue is wide-spread in the Orthodox community...yet.

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