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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Public protest is important for achieving change

In a dvar Torah for parshas Vayishlach, Two Important Elements in Achieving Change (12/7/2006), Rabbi Avi Weiss illustrates with Yaacov that public protest is an effective means of achieving change:
The message of the dual name [of Yaacov/Yisrael] is clear; both the Yaakov approach of behind the scenes discussion with authority and a willingness to negotiate and compromise and the Yisrael component of outspoken advocacy are crucial.

Rabbi Weiss elaborates on the crucialness of public protest in principle #6 of his creed on Open Orthodoxy:
What we have learned from fifty years ago is that public protest does not render our community more vulnerable, rather, it protects our community.
- Open orthodoxy! A modern Orthodox rabbi's creed

Concerning the modern churban perpetrated against Torah Judaism by "open" advocacy, I couldn't agree more.